KVO urges Medicaid Expansion law implentation at ‘Health Care Now! State of the State’ Rally

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From the event Facebook page: “Just three months ago the people of Maine voted overwhelmingly to expand access to Medicaid for 70,000 Maine families. Gov. LePage and his legislative allies are already working to delay implementation and weaken the law.

Come show Gov. LePage and legislators that the people of Maine are watching and that we won’t accept any more delays or attempts to weaken the new Medicaid expansion law. All Mainers need health care, now!”

As illustrated by the photos above, a large crowd of supporters gathered Tuesday evening to speak to the press outside in the cold, then went inside the State House as to urge legislators to work on implementation immediately.

KVO members and other Mainers for HealthCare coalition partners spoke with a large number of legislators on hand for Governor LePage’s final State of the State address. While many lawmakers are on board, the governor continues to oppose implementation. So stay tuned!

Mainers for HealthCare Kick off “YES ON 2” Campaign

Mainers for Health Care, the coalition that supporting a “Yes” vote on Question 2, officially launched the campaign to expand health care to 70,000 Mainers at events in Bangor and Lewiston.

The following video was recorded by KVO at the launch in Lewiston.

“Question 2 will make Maine’s health care system fairer and strengthen the state’s economy,” said Robyn Merrill, the executive director of Maine Equal Justice Partners and co-chair of the Mainers for Health Care steering committee. “A ‘Yes’ vote will provide health insurance to 70,000 Mainers while also helping hospitals and clinics, particularly in rural parts of the state.”

KVO has endorsed Question 2 and has partnered with the Mainers for Health Care campaign, with community events planned for later this fall in Kennebec County.