About KVO

Who We Are
The Kennebec Valley Organization (KVO), a 501(c)3 non-profit since 2005, is a broad-based organization of religious congregations, labor union locals, small businesses, and community groups.

KVO brings people together across lines of religion, geography, age, ethnic groups, and economic status to take on issues of shared concern, such as saving, strengthening, and creating good jobs, affordable housing, and critical public services. We build relationships and develop leadership skills within our member groups, in turn we continue to strengthen our own collective as well as the broader community.

KVO is a member of the InterValley Project (IVP), which is the New England organizing
network of regional organizations, rooted in congregations, labor, housing, community, and small businesses working for social and economic justice for their communities. IVP includes the Berkshire Interfaith Organizing (BIO), Kennebec Valley Organization (KVO), Merrimack Valley Project (MVP), Naugatuck Valley Project (NVP), Northern Kingdom Organizing Project (NEKOP), Pioneer Valley Project (PVP), and the Rhode Island Organizing Project (RIOP).

2018 Executive Board and Staff Members