KVO Candidates Forum by Topic: Healthcare

(For ease of isolating candidate responses by topics, the larger full forum post is being offered as single stand alone posts. ~KVO)


(Rep. Colleen Madigan of Waterville discussing how Maine’s recently passed Medicaid expansion law helps working people across the state.)

Round 1: Health Care

  • Medicaid Expansion, while passed at the ballot box in November 2017, is caught in the Maine legal system. When implemented, this will provide health care access to an additional 70,000 low-income Mainers.
  • Medicaid Expansion will open up health care access to adults who earn less than 138% of the federal poverty level, which is about $16,000 for one person or $22,000 for a family of two (Source: “Get the Facts on Question 2: Medicaid Expansion Will Help Maine”. Maine Equal Justice Partners.).
  • According to a recent news article in the Portland Press Herald, the LePage administration is rejecting applications for Medicaid from people who became newly eligible for the program as of July 2.

Question for the Candidates: Do you support Medicaid Expansion? Do you believe health care is a moral imperative and a human right? Please relate a constituent story you have heard during this campaign season.

1. Senator Shenna Bellows, Candidate for Senate District 14
2. Karen Kusiak, Candidate for Senate District 16
3. Jan Collins, Candidate for Senate District 17
4. Lindsey Harwath, Candidate for House District 79
5. Representative Kent Ackley, Candidate for House District 82
6. Representative Donna Doore, Candidate for House District 85
7. John Clark, Candidate for House District 105
8. Aaron Rowden, Candidate for House District 108
9. Representative Colleen Madigan, Candidate for House District 110
10. John Thiele, Candidate for House District 118


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