KVO Candidate Forum by Topic: Food Insecurity

(For ease of isolating candidate responses by topics, the larger full forum post is being offered as single stand alone posts. ~KVO)

helen kent

(KVO President Helen Roy discussing Rep. Kent Ackley of Monmouth’s points regarding hunger being a “ticking time bomb” for Kennebec County youth.)

Round 4: Food Insecurity

  • In Maine, 183,310 people are struggling with hunger–and of them 50,520 are children.
  • 1 in 7 people struggles with hunger. 1 in 5 children struggles with hunger.
  • People facing hunger in Maine are estimated to report needing $108,086,000 more per year to meet their food needs.
  • In Kennebec County, the food insecurity rate is 14%–estimated number per individual is 16,970 out of 120,953 individuals. In Somerset County, the food insecurity rate is 15.6%–estimated number per individual is 8,030 out of 51,363 individuals.
  • In 2016, Maine dropped from 9th worse food insecure state to 7th in the national ranking, done by the USDA.
  • Food insecurity in Maine is 25% worse than the national average and is worse now than it was during the height of the Great Recession.
  • Food insecurity affects people across age and socioeconomic ranges.
  • Sources: Feeding America and Good Shepherd Food Bank

Question for the Candidates: How do we solve food insecurity in Maine? What avenues could be explored through the legislative process for strengthening food access in Kennebec Valley?

1. Senator Shenna Bellows, Candidate for Senate District 14
2. Karen Kusiak, Candidate for Senate District 16
3. Jan Collins, Candidate for Senate District 17
4. Lindsey Harwath, Candidate for House District 79
5. Representative Kent Ackley, Candidate for House District 82
6. Representative Donna Doore, Candidate for House District 85
7. John Clark, Candidate for House District 105
8. Aaron Rowden, Candidate for House District 108
9. Representative Colleen Madigan, Candidate for House District 110
10. John Thiele, Candidate for House District 118


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