Poor People’s Campaign Maine Rally in Augusta

KVO, community faith organizations and other area partners were among the many groups represented and individuals in Maine’s state capital on Monday, standing in solidarity as part of nationwide  Thousands across the nation gathered at dozens of state houses with hundreds arrested across the country, including 22 in Augusta, standing up for truth & justice.

From the Poor People’s Campaign: A National Call for Moral Revival  Facebook page:

“We have begun our 40 day season of sustained, nonviolent moral fusion direct action! Don’t miss a moment of the Poor People’s Campaign: A National Call for Moral Revival’s first week! All of the events will livestream to the Campaign’s FB page.” #PoorPeoplesCampaign

Via Moral Movement Maine:

Nonviolent moral fusion direct action underway!

We are here at the State House in Augusta for the launch of Maine’s participation in thePoor People’s Campaign: A National Call for Moral Revival. In 40 states and Washington DC, folks are gathering to confront the interconnected evils of systemic poverty, systemic racism, the war economy, and ecological devastation. Follow Poor People’s Campaign Maine, and join the movement!
#poorpeoplescampaign #PPCMaine #MoralMaine #40daysofaction

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Above are photos of Mainers coming together at the State Capital and Blaine House on May 14th as part of the national movement. Several people spoke to the crowd before gathering for a peaceful protest at the Governor’s Mansion. Some quotes:

“A government that would allow its children and its disabled people to starve is an immoral government.” – Carolyn Silvius, Homeless Voices for Justice

“A great nation is one that embraces all of its people and truly cares for those who are disadvantaged. We need a “moral revival” to restore real American values that are grounded in unity, compassion and healing as a society. “Peter Wohl, Buddhist monk

“Poverty and racism must end, until we unite and become a force, the rich will continue to get richer. Three families have more money than the entire lower 50% of people in the United States, that is not right, it is not moral. Where there is one person suffering, we all are suffering.”Diane Dicranian, Quaker

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