KVO at IVP Summer 2017 Organizing Institute

Last weekend, KVO’s new Lead Organizer Andi Parkinson attended the InterValley Project Leadership and Organizer Training in N Andover, MA (see photos). From their page:

    Organizing Skills for New and Experienced Leaders

“The InterValley Project is conducting an Organizing Institute for leaders of Berkshire Interfaith Organizing, Kennebec Valley Organization, Merrimack Valley Project, Naugatuck Valley Project, Northeast Kingdom Organizing Project, Pioneer Valley Project, Rhode Island Organizing Project, United Valley Interfaith Project, and allied organizations organizing for justice in New England. The institute will offer leaders of religious congregations, labor unions and community groups the chance to learn new skills necessary to build powerful regional community organizations, while building relationships with each other. The workshops will be conducted by organizers from IVP and IVP member organizations.”

It was a wonderful opportunity to meet with the other IVP team groups, both organizers and community leaders, discuss their histories, make important connections and friendships, share past organizer experiences, review training techniques and methods learned in the past, and acquire new skills, as well as to get a good first sense of the important community work each is doing locally. It was an important introduction to the IVP family and a chance to wear multiple hats over the weekend, be it as an organizer or as a new participant- and it was extremely instructive to see how to take a group of approximate 3 dozen people, many of whom had never met before, and through a well constructed agenda of varied workshops, individual and group exercises, teach the participants new leadership skills to take back to their own congregations, organizations and communities.

And the location was pretty nice as well!


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